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Your optometrist will evaluate the fit of your contacts you've been wearing and determine if there is something better for your lifestyle and the health of your eyes.

Our practice offers a wide variety of contact lens options.  We carry Transitions by Acuvue for light-sensitive patients and they're great for outdoor sports, Dailies Aquacomfort Colors to switch up your look, and Multifocal lenses so you can get rid of your reading glasses.  We are one of the first practices in Wisconsin to receive the newest contacts lenses so, if you're interested in trying something new, ask your optometrist when you come in for your next exam.

Our doctors specialize in custom scleral lenses for any patient with an irregular cornea, including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, post-refractive surgery, post corneal rings, and ocular surface disease. 

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If you have never worn contacts before, Clements Vision Care is happy to assist you.  During your routine exam, the optometrist will determine what type of contact lenses would work best for you.  Afterward, you will set up an appointment to come in at a later date to do a class with one of our opticians.  The class is up to an hour long and we will guide you on properly inserting and removing the lenses.  Once you have been successful, you will then leave with contacts.

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